APRO Board Works Hard At Austin Fall Meeting

APRO Board Works Hard At Austin Fall Meeting

The APRO Board of Directors met October 26-27 in Austin, Texas. The two-day combo work session and board and committee meetings produced many forward-looking ideas and next steps in the board's three-year strategic plan for the association.
The event kicked off with an Executive Committee meeting, followed by the Board of Directors welcome lunch, and APRO CEO Jill McClure, CAE, gave the 2022 year-in-review and a five-year overview. Afterward, the board received its annual board governance orientation and training, led by an outside facilitator.

After the training and thoughtful discussion, the board members split into workgroups to brainstorm and discuss the SMART Goals behind APRO's 2021-24 Strategic Plan.

Day two began early with a meeting of the Vendor Advisory Committee. Proceedings concluded with the APRO Board of Directors meeting, including presentations from each SMART Goal working group.

Board members in attendance included President Michael Bennett, 1st Vice President Adam Sutton, 2nd Vice President Shirin Kanji, Treasurer Trent Agin, Secretary Jonathan Rose, Immediate Past President David P. David, Dennis Adams, Mark Connelly, Dan Fisher, Chad Fosdick, Vendor Liaison Bill French, Rachel George, David Harrison, Vendor Liaison Michael Helton, Christine Hesse, Jerry Marshall, Bryan Pechersky, and Gopal Reddy.

VAC members in attendance included APRO Board President Michael Bennett, VAC Vice-Chairman Bill French, Al Benson, Monica Bean, Keven Dalke, Donna DiTrani, APRO Board Representative Michael Helton, Michael Kays, James MacAlpine, Kelly McClellan, Greg Skinner, and Marty Smith.