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Florida Rental Dealers Finally Get a Meeting Mulligan

Following three years of thwarted annual meetings - two by COVID-19, one by Hurricane Ian - the Florida Rental Dealers Association (FRDA) was finally able to hold a 2023 meeting mid-July. The two-day event, aptly themed "The Mulligan," attracted about 200 attendees to Tampa, Florida, for a warm but wonderful time.

"The true focus of our meeting was our people," said FRDA President Paul Metivier, who is also Vice President of Operations for Impact RTO Holdings dba Rent-A-Center. "Keeping the people we have, honoring the ones we've lost, and encouraging those who are next to lead the rent-to-own industry."

Jason Winters, a regional manager with Impact RTO Holdings dba Rent-A-Center, served as the event's keynote speaker, delivering the impactful "Jeffrey Story," which details how one deficient associate can destroy a whole store. And Rick Gallegos, President and CEO of Dale Carnegie of Tampa Bay, presented his training seminar on "The Great Retention" - how to develop trust with associates in order to help them be their best on the job and enjoy their work.

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