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Multi-Dimensional Management: Shirin Kanji is the 2023 Multi-Brand Leadership MVP

Shirin Kanji is the 2023 Multi-Brand Leadership MVP (Most Valuable Performer), awarded for achieving brand leadership with multiple brands (tie).

In his quest to build a multi-brand franchisee organization, he thought it made sense that a good manager in one industry could, with some extra training, become a good manager in another. So, rather than searching for managers from the outside, he decided to take advantage of the talent he already had working for him.

It's not only worked out, it's worked out spectacularly well. Last year Impact Holdings recorded $130 million in revenue. With holdings that now include rental centers, hotels, and a multi-home and residential services group, Kanji wanted his managers to be multi-dimensional. "You need a blend of people," he says, and relies on the strength of his training programs to pull this off.

Kanji says he looks for people who know how to connect with others and motivate them. "You don't necessarily need to be an expert in a certain industry like food or retail," he says. In a tough labor market, he says it's an advantage to his group that, "as we add brands, it provides a fun path forward and growth opportunities." Beyond the growth of his multi-brand company his approach has resulted in improved employee satisfaction and reduced churn.

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